Pablo’s love of photography came from his childhood home in Galicia, Spain. His grandfather, Jose Veiga Roel, was an award winning amateur photographer whose captivating street photography captured the beauty, life and times of Galicia and its people.

Pablo turned this inspiration from his childhood into a career gaining formal qualifications with a Diploma in Photography from CATC in 2012.

Since then Pablo has been busy as a commercial photographer specialising in interiors, architecture, products and lifestyle. He has worked with influential designers and architects both at home and overseas, including Megan Morton, TomMarkHenry, Daniel Boddam, Alexandra Kidd Design, Cameron Kimber, The Local Project, Allen, Jack+Cottier Architects amongst others. Pablo has also been published in Megan Morton's latest book Its Beautiful Here* and its currently working on his second book, Shared Living. Pablo’s work has been featured in leading Australian magazines such as Belle Magazine, House and Garden or Inside out. He has also been published in Australia, New Zealand, U.S and Spain both in printing and online in Fête Magazine, Renovate, The Design Files, Green Magazine, Glitter Guide or Houzz.

He currently lives in Sydney with his wife and two young children.